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Weihai Baihe Biology Technological Co., Ltd. is a new brand of men's health, with meticulous nutrition, careful and professional research, guided by market demand, aiming at refining, specializing and strengthening men's health nutrition and health food, so as to empower China's men's health nutrition and health food industry.
Biohigh provides contract processing services for customers in more than 65 countries and regions including the United States and Europe. It receives audits from official institutions and global customers many times every year, all of which have passed. We provide to our customers registration documents required for obtaining import licenses in destination countries. We have a strong production capacity to meet the different needs of our customers, including soft capsule, vegetarian capsule, hard capsule, tablet, powder, granules, drops, soft drink, bottle drink, oral liquid and other dosage products and bulk packaging, bottled, bubble cover board, box, bag, barrel and other differentiated packaging are provided.