Quality Assurance

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Product quality objective


100% ex factory pass rate
0Defect free product quality
0complaints about product quality
0second Market complaint (response)

Build the whole chain of quality management system

Set up multiple channels of quality control and quality services in product design, supplier management, production process control, inspection process, product traceability and after-sales management.

The company has transformed from an automatic production plant to a digital and intelligent plant. By means of MES management system, the company adopts a visual management mode and implements full scene dynamic on-site control from the aspects of on-site condition monitoring, material tracking management, timely information feedback, quality management analysis, over control and over tolerance early warning and analysis through man-machine material method ring and other links, to realize the whole process traceability of products and ensure the quality of each product.

The interconnection of MES, ERP, WMS, SRM and other systems can provide reliable manufacturing data management, reliable data basis for planning and scheduling, production scheduling, inventory, quality and cost so as to realize lower cost, higher performance and greater flexible production and manufacturing capacity and intelligent manufacturing of Biohigh.

Integrated intelligent operation management platform

Based on modern lean management concept and relying on new generation technologies such as artificial intelligence, mobile Internet of Things, big data and cloud, SRM supplier management platform reshapes Biohigh's huge supplier network and optimizes supplier relationship management. Efficient coordination inside and outside the company, rapid delivery and receipt of goods, real-time visibility of the overall progress, online checking of unreconciled details, establishment of statements, financial verification, accurate and efficient reconciliation, to create a harmonious business ecology and corporate interests community. At the same time, through logistics, business flow, capital flow and information flow "four streams in one", to achieve integrated intelligent operation of the company.

Intelligent logistics management system

The intelligent logistics system effectively connects various intelligent devices, mobile terminals and enterprise management systems, comprehensively covers business processes such as receiving, quality inspection, warehousing, picking / issuing, sales outbound, allocation and inventory, realizes mobility, transparency, lean and intelligence of internal logistics , so as to improve efficiency, reduce costs, increase benefits and strengthen industry competitiveness.