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Registered health food

Immune enhancing: Protein powder, coenzyme Q10
Eye strain relief: Blueberry, lutein
Auxiliary blood sugar lowering : balsam pear, American ginseng
Auxiliary lipid-lowering : Fish oil, natto, Ginkgo biloba
Sleep improvement : Melatonin, vitamin B6


Recorded health food

At present, the company has nearly 500 health food record certificates, and carries out record services for more than 200 customers nationwide to create distinctive innovative record products. Micro-bubble fruit powder tablets: VC, vitamin B group, subdivided multi-vitamin nutrition for men, women, children, high content fish oil, coenzyme Q10, spirulina, classic combination, melatonin + vitamin B6 and so on.


Nutritious food

Feminine glamour series
Male energy series
Pregnancy, baby and child care series
Elderly care series


Special diets

In December 2020, Biohigh was approved to manufacture the adjuvant nutrient dispersant, supplementary food nutrient, nutritional supplements for pregnant women and lactating mothers, and sports nutrition supplements.


Official approval service

With professional qualified expert team, familiar with health food and nutrition food laws and regulations, we can provide customers with health food declaration services, help customers with commissioned production of licensed formulae. We have offered commissioned production service of licensed health foods for many well-known domestic pharmaceutical companies, health food companies.